AWS Security

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AWS Security

Organizations avoid cloud computing because of security issues. They avoid sharing of their data due to privacy concerns, but unfortunately they deceases the efficiency of their business. Kophes helps you to resolve this problem with efficient cloud security system for enterprise. We have complete understanding of cloud security work flows. We have a deep understanding and working experience in different domains such as Data Security, Application Security and Network Security.

AWS Security Process

AWS is a true example of cloud computing. It provides all typical cloud services. It provide on demand services at minimum cost make it more beautiful. With providing all the base cloud services, AWS also make sure about their services security concerns. They keep the customer data with confidentiality and integrity, and provide the secure services. Following is the security feature of AWS.


Secure Infrastructure Of AWS

Infrastructure of AWS is Network, Security standards, Software and Hardware’s. It is designed on the basis of security practices. The architecture of the AWS data center are very innovative. The strict security policies are implemented to get the physical assess of AWS data center. To keep the data center secure they perform the following activities. 1. Heir a professional security staff. 2. Latest Electronic media is use such as CCTV, video surveillance. 3. Only authorized person have to visit the data center. 4. Constant power supply. 5. Risk is deduced using automatic fire detection.


Network Security Of AWS

Network security of AWS servers is managed and controlled properly. It has a outstanding network security have a following features. 1. Secure network architecture that is made up of secure firewall that manages network boundary. 2. Secure access point helps to access the HTTPS request 2. Amazon Corporate segregation. 3. Protection during transmission using HTTPS and SSL protocols. 4. High Fault tolerance. 5. Proper protection and monitoring of network.