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AI enabled app for problem solving

Helps you in solving your technical problems of searching through Artificial intelligence.

Get solution of your technical problems

When you got struck in coding and needs a help. You search your problems on  search engines. They do their search on the basis of keywords. but our app act likes an  agent that actually understand your problem and gives you an accurate solution for that. Using different artificial intelligence algorithms.

Smart Search

Our app keep track of your previous search history,  your likes and dislikes of pages and how much time you have spend on website . From where you get solution last time. This record helps you to give the path for solution for your problem.

Accurate Solution of your problem

Typical search engines have a lot of scams results. But our app saves your time by protecting you from spam results. Moreover it is intelligent enough to gives you a perfect solution from that it collect from trained data and different artificial intelligence algorithms.

Proven Solution

There are lot of problems we have to face when we finding solution on search engine of complex problem. Kohes Tech buddy provide you a proven solution to gives you an exact solution of your complex question.


Helps you in getting answers of your complex quires using different Artificial intelligence techniques.

Accurate Results

By applying different techniques our app process your search query and return you 100% matching results.


Kophes tech buddy suggest you some additional or similar problems with their solution.

Save Time

When you find your quires our internet it takes your hours but with app it shows you only a relevant answers.

Complex Problems

Our APP helps you to get solution of your complex issues using Artifical Intelligence techniques in very effective way.

Reduce Effort

Kophes tech buddy is a companion app that helps you in getting your solution easily.

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